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Employer Retirement Services

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Running a private business often means owners and managerial staff wear many hats. You have a lot of important things to worry about and being an expert in retirement plans is not likely at the top of the list. The Association Retirement Plan (ARP) offered through the Chamber enables you to take advantage of the benefits of a 401(k) plan, while outsourcing the bulk of administrative duties and oversight risk to third parties. The best part is you still have the ability to customize your plan's design to ensure the features are optimized for you, as well as your business. Did we mention these benefits are delivered to you for a competitive price? 

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Receive expert plan design consulting to help you minimize costs while maximizing tax benefits

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Gain access to options that help you invest above and beyond for retirement in tax-advantaged vehicles




Gain access to tax and succession experts to help you create an economical, simple and tax efficient exit plan



Create opportunities to recruit, retain and reward top talent or leave a lasting legacy of generosity to employees who serve you

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Receive the highest level of administrative support available, to ensure you are spending the least amount of time possible on the plan

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Receive the highest level of administrative and investment fiduciary coverage available, to ensure your plan stays compliant and risk is managed


For retirement plan service providers, a larger plan balance with fewer plan participants is more profitable. Therefore plans are typically priced by average participant balance, overall plan balance or number of participants. This makes it very difficult for small business plans and start-up plans to receive the level of service and fair pricing a larger plan would receive. High fees and plan expenses can be very costly to the business's bottom line or employee retirement account balances. The ARP offered through the Chamber pools member resources to increase everyone's purchasing power and keep costs lower.

All 401(k) plans have an Administrator who provides the plan's legal documents and ensures the plan is compliant, a Record Keeper who provides an investment platform and tracks plan activity, and individuals or organizations who assume a "Fiduciary" obligation to protect the best interests of plan participants. The economies of scale pricing offered with the ARP is achieved by all members being adopted under the Chamber's Master 401(k) plan, and all members leveraging the same team of service providers.

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To leverage economies of scale and save your time, the Chamber has sourced industry leading experts and formed a top-notch consulting team on your behalf. Let us introduce your retirement plan service partners...


Do you feel like your retirement plan is not really "broken" but you suspect you could be doing something more? ​You are probably right! ​Are you thinking the ARP will be "cookie-cutter" or limit your options? This is far from the truth! The ARP is only an entry point into a plethora of resources available to you through the program's advisor, Rise Consulting. Rise was specifically selected as a fiduciary partner because they specialize in advanced retirement plan design, executive benefits and tax minimization strategies for businesses. You can schedule an exploratory virtual consultation at any time, or contact Rise today to schedule an in-person meeting.

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