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Solo 401(k) Plans

Here is verbiage on why 401(k) plans are better then SEPs and SIMPLES, and how we help companies without employees leverage them. We make the setup process painless and easy and have plan compliance experts who work together to help them make the most of their benefits. We are cheaper than everyone else too. 


Cash Balance Plans

Here is verbiage on what Cash Balance plans are and what an awesome compliment they are to Solo 401(k)s. 

Tax and Succession Planning

Here is where we tell clients and advisors that 401(k) Cash Balance combo plans are an excellent way to get their value of out of their company without having to sell it. Also, we have tax experts to help them and their CPA/Advisor estimate tax savings to back into the most optimal plan designs.


Our pricing is peanuts compared to the tax savings we will get you, trust us. 

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